Would you like to try diving?

What is Discover Scuba Diving program?

Discover Scuba Diving is a perfect way to see what scuba diving is. Join thrilling experience that is breathing underwater - it is really possible!  

If you'd like to try what scuba diving is, but you are not ready yet for diving course that end with certification, Dricover Scuba Diving program is exactly for you. It is not a course after which you will be certified diver, however it is an easy and quick way to have a look underwater and explore beauty of its world. 

During this program, under our Instructor or Divemaster eye, we will guide you thru whole process from beginning to the end. 

Formal requirements:
-8 years old
-no medical contraindications for scuba diving

How it looks step by step?

After arrival at our diving center that is located at Uhuru by PiliPili hotel first step would be to fill all documents, including medical questionare, according to PADI scuba diving federation requirements.
Our next step would be to choose right equipment for you that you will be using in whole experience, then we start 30 minites theory session where you will find out about required safety rules and whole program.  
After theory we go to the pool for scuba diving experience where, under eye of our professionals, you will take your first breath underwater. Additionally you will make few excercises to feel better underwater.

Last (and the best!) part is to set sail with our two-engine large boat into famous Jambiani Lagoon where individually or in a small group (depends on your needs) you will scuba dive in Indian Ocean to see its underwater beauty with maximum depth of 10m. 


To make reservation, click below training movie or click "Shop" on top of the website. 

You can also contact with us on WhatsApp +255 772 893 600 to make your booking.