Can you help? 

PADI Rescue Diver course helps divers to look behind themselves and take care about the others. During this course you will get familiar with problem prevention techniques as well as solve problems or see potential problems before they occur. This is very demanding and interesting course, especially in practical part. 

To start PADI Rescue course you need to be EFR certified (valid license within last 2 years) or have other confirmation of your first aid skills.

Course is divided into 3 parts:  
-theory in eLearning system (5 knowledge review and final egzam)
-pool sessions (10 emergency exercises)
-practical part in the ocean (2 rescue scenarios)

PADI Rescue course takes 2-3 days (EFR excluded). On day 1/2 we train all 10 rescue exercises - from tired diver to uinconcious diver underwater. Day 2/3 you will join into 2 rescue scenarios. Your instructor with group of assistants will simulate potential problematic sittuations that will need your attention or reaction.  

What is PADI Rescue?

PADI Rescue is a course that will extend your knowledge in peoples rescue area and rise possibility that you can deal with emergency sittuations when they happen

What are the requirements?

To join PADI Rescue course you need to be 18 years old and hold PADI AOWD license as well us EFR license or other confirmation of your first aid skills. You need to have also 40 logged dives. 

Z czego składa się kurs?

Kurs składa się z 3 części:

-teorii w systemie eLearning (5 sprawdzianów wiedzy oraz Egzamin końcowy)
-część basenowa (10 ćwiczeń ratowniczych)
-część praktyczna w oceanie (2 scenariusze ratownicze)

Can I start theory earlier?

Yes! For those who wants to start theory earlier at home and just focus on diving when you arrive in Zanzibar, you can do it before. Either you can purchase all course or just theory first. Within 2 days from purchase, we will send you codes to register in PADI eLearning system and you can start your training at home!

To make reservation, click below training movie or click "Shop" on top of the website.

You can also contact with us on WhatsApp +255 772 893 600 to make your booking.