Diving is your passion? Maybe it is time to Go Pro!

PADI Divemaster course it is first step into professional diving. Completing it will allow you conduct underwater activities and assist instructors guiding its students. Within course you will learn how to supervise underwater activities, manage risk, diving phisiology, you will learn more about scuba diving equipment, decompression theory, to plan recreational dives, extend your diving skills, know better underwater environment and give knowledge how to teach some of the PADI programs independently.    

Divemaster degree it is your first step on professional way within PADI federation. During whole course you will be assigned to your mentor instructor who will guide you during all your course. You will work with all our employees but your mentor instructor would be the one who will guide you thru all process, put tempo and make sure you will achieve your goals.  

Theory is, as usually, made withi eLearning system or in stationary system with one of our instructors. All pool sessions are carried out in few object of PiliPili company. From shallow pool in Uhuru by PiliPili hotel to 4 meters deep pool in Anna of Zanzibar hotel. On a day when you will start your training you will be recognized as DMT degree (Divemaster in Training) that means you will take part in all our activities: from topping out scuba diving cyliders, equipment preparation as well as assisting in all levels of PADI couses we do in our diving center. You will also join all our trips with certified divers.